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Vals Bunker Detective Team with you Worldwide Area!

As Vals Bunker Detective team, we continue to strengthen our strength and expand our service network day by day. I would like to state that we are proud to observe that the services we provide to our customers on a global area have increased their trust in our company while easing their operational workload.

As Vals Marine Survey family, we are aware of how important the fuel item in ships is and that this is a point that will be overlooked or ignored by many charterers, operators and shipowners.Currently , we are serving to lots of major customers in  worldwide regions with our own surveyors. Areas have been provided below for your easy reference:

We now serve our clients globally and reference of our work in Turkey and Egypt, we would like to serve our clients in the following areas;

  • All Europe (Especially Spain, Gibraltar, France, ARAG, Portugal, Romania)
  • North & West & Central Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Douala, Monrovia, Nigeria, Dakar)
  • Asia (Pakistan, India, Qatar, UAE, Singapore)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil)

VALS Bunker Surveyors recorded a total 630,530 MT of undeclared bunkers last year, many of which could have been prevented if stakeholders hired bunker surveyors at just a fraction of the cost.

Engineer Alkan  adds 2020 to be a watershed year due to the COVID pandemic as the development resulted in restrictions implemented at various countries – which impacted the maritime business.

“Cost and resource cutting measures were implemented and continue to be implemented to keep the business afloat. Restrictions in the movement of personnel and safe management measures differed from port to port and from country to country,” he stated.

“Nevertheless, a balance must be attained between cutting cost and control of expenses. We need to keep in mind the saying ‘penny wise pound foolish’ where the purchase of bunkers will continue to be the major expense for the running of the ships.”

Findings of VALS Bunker Surveyors from 2022 till to date

Engineer Alkan   continued to share some relevant case studies recorded by VALS Bunker Surveyors from 2022 till to date across the key bunker survey stations of Turkiye , Singapore, Eygpt, Gıbraltar, Abidjan, Algeria, Rotterdam, Fujairah, Senegal, Tema and Houston.

  • In Apr 2022, undeclared bunkers of 74.18 MT  was found on vessel A.
  • In June 2022, undeclared bunkers of 82.15 MT was found on vessel B.
  • In August 2022, undeclared bunkers of 18.34 MT was found on vessel C.
  • In January 2022, undeclared bunkers of 14.07 MT was found on vessel D.
  • In September 2022, undeclared bunkers of 94.20 MT was found on vessel E.
  • In January 2023, undeclared bunkers of 62.70 MT was found on vessel F.
  • In January 2023, undeclared bunkers of 118.36 MT was found on vessel G.
  • In March 2023, undeclared bunkers of 64.00 MT was found on vessel I.


“The Bunker Surveyor acts as the ‘eyes & ears’ for the already busy vessel’s Chief Engineer, supervising the total bunker operation and taking care of the bunker delivery, provide local knowledge, complete all the necessary paperwork, ensure proper sampling & distribution.

“Thus the role of the Bunker Surveyor cannot be underestimated or neglected in bad times as it adds value to the overall management of the purchase of bunkers.”


The critical role of a VALS surveyors in bunkering

Appointing a bunker surveyor for bunker deliveries is essential in making sure the right quantity is delivered and the on-board quantity of the vessel is measured and calculated in a correct way. Even when a mass flow meter (MFM) is used, quantity differences will continue to exist because the receiving vessel’s quantity is based on manual measurement and calibration whilst the bunker tanker’s delivered quantity will be based on a mass flow meter’s reading. Of course, a surveyor’s role is multifaceted and not confined to just measurement or calibration.

Experienced and well-equipped

Proper measurements

Safety checks

Sample collection and documentation

Reliable, real-time data

Stringent code of practice

To ensure strict quality control, audits are regularly carried out by supervisors to find out whether the surveyors are adhering to procedures, using the right equipment also the vessel’s crew is “happy” or satisfied with the service provided by the attending surveyor. This sets out the best practice for documentation, equipment requirements and verification of procedures during a bunker operation.

Since bunkers are sold by weight but delivered in volume, the presence of a professional bunker surveyor is needed to ensure that the correct quantity is delivered. An experienced surveyor can prevent the supplier from employing “tricks-of-the-trade” to cheat buyers because an investigative remaining-on-board survey entails finding hidden bunkers as well as the investigation of shortages or alleged “cappuccino” during bunkering operations.

The surveyor will also offer a helping hand with inconsistencies or errors on the BDN and advise the vessel’s staff accordingly and assist in quantity dispute resolution.

First of all, I would like to say that every detail we have mentioned above is a blend of many experiences and experiences at sea and on land. On this path we walk with the Vals family, we see that the importance of our seas for us is increasing day by day with the climate problems in the world. For this reason, we invite every colleague in the maritime sector to support ‘Maritime social responsibility projects’ in order to keep the world friendly with us for a long time, believing that they put their heart and belief on the love of the sea. I end my article with the hope that the contribution to the big picture will continue to increase every day as this idea is shared.