New York

Pre Loading Survey

In our pre-loading condition survey, the emphasis is placed on the cargo-worthiness of the vessel, which is the most important item to avoid any cargo damage. In addition, successful testing of the important cargo worthiness items prior to loading commencement (instead of visual inspection only). In case, defects are found, loading is not allowed to commence by our attending surveyor and the Master is advised to perform necessary repairs until which these repairs are checked and approved.

Steel products are particularly prone to damage which may result in a claim against the carrier. Hence special care should be taken when issuing bills of lading for this type of cargo. For various reasons the ship’s officers may be unable to properly ascertain the condition of the cargo and clause the bills of lading accordingly. This may be because the loading operations start so soon after the vessel has arrived at the relevant port that there is no time for the officers to examine the cargo prior to loading, or perhaps because the officers are not familiar with the system used for marking and identifying the cargo at the particular port, etc. For these reasons it is common practice for shipowners to appoint a surveyor with relevant experience to inspect the cargo prior to loading on board. The surveyor should carefully ascertain the condition of the cargo at that time and assist the master in preparing suitable clauses to be inserted in the bill of lading.