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Vals Marine Survey Pulled the Alesta for 2023.

Vals Marine Survey Founder and Marine Mechanical Engineer Baturalp Alkan, while evaluating the year 2022, expressed his expectations for the future.

New Year message from Baturalp Alkan: For 2023, we have three important focal points ahead of us. These are technology, digitalization and being a team. For 2023, we have reached agreements with two global companies and now it is time for us to give the command of full speed ahead.

Baturalp ALKAN’s message is as follows: “In 2021-2022, while health and social war tensions continued on a global and regional scale, the maritime sector in Turkey continued on its way without slowing down. The world’s recovery from the chaotic economy it was in and its transition to a growth trend caused the competition between countries in the global economy to increase even more. When we look at our country, we see that we have experienced another year in which we deeply felt the effects of our geopolitical position politically, economically, and socially. Turkey’s position as a transit point for imports and exports has made it a point of demand for many investors. In order for them to protect these trade phases, we would like to tell you a little bit about how our work secures the relevant companies at the logistics point.

Advantages of International Inspection Companies for Foreign Trade

International inspection companies provide important opportunities to the parties both in terms of contract implementation and dispute resolution. The advantages of inspection companies for exporters can be listed as follows: In the event that the goods are not of the desired quality, the parties are prevented from unnecessary expenses and loss of time by preventing the export of goods that do not comply with the contract by sending the goods back later. In this way, it is possible to collect all or as much of the sales price as possible.

As a result of the report to be issued by the inspection companies, the exporter will have a solid and valid document that can be used as evidence in international disputes against a possible objection by the importer. The quality control of the goods produced by large organizations in Turkey and in the world is generally carried out at every stage of production by these organizations’ own laboratory facilities. However, the reports to be issued by these institutions are not as legally effective as the reports to be issued by Surveillance Companies in any dispute that may arise, since they are parties to an international lawsuit. Thus, through Inspection Companies, international assurance can be provided against quality and quantity complaints of buyers.

The possibility of obtaining a quality conformity certificate from an impartial organization for the goods sold and thus increasing the marketing chances of the product is ensured. By taking advantage of the effectiveness of surveillance companies in domestic and foreign markets, it is possible to find new markets for the product.

The advantages provided by inspection companies to importers can be listed as follows:

* Guarantees that the quality of the goods conforms to the specifications, standards and legislation.

* Documentation of the shipment of the amount stipulated in the agreement and determines the conformity of packaging, labeling and loading to the specifications.

* Provides the seller with the opportunity to break the price in case of deviation from the specification conditions.

* Delay in delivery can be determined on time.

In summary, in disputes that may arise as a result of non-compliance with the terms of the contract between the parties, surveillance companies can resolve the issue in the shortest way and in a fair manner with the reports they will prepare. As a result of these reports, surveillance companies can also be effective in new price adjustments.


As the VALS Marine family, we built the years 2021 and 2022 on technology, digitalization and training indicators. 2022 was the “year when the stones became stronger in place” for Vals Survey. In our story, which has exceeded 8 years with my education life and sector experience, we opened a new title as Vals Survey International Surveillance as of 2021. During the peak of competition, feeling and seeing that some of our competitors attempted to cover up their failures with us in contrast to our success and efforts accelerated our process of becoming a stronger team as a team, so I would like to thank these competitors for their strategies. The biggest feature of being a team is to recognize the shortcomings of your teammates and make them eliminate them in the most conciliatory way, and the team that does this best is always the winner in the end.

Based on the criterion of starting to get efficient feedbacks by making our employees feel that they are involved in a sincere and believed big project while starting our work and projects, we realized that the route of our ship has now been determined as SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. Because while we predicted our target as 200 ship operations in our second year, we are experiencing the happiness and pride of completing the year with 450 ship operations thanks to the companies we provide valuable services as a team. In order to ensure that all kinds of equipment we use day by day minimizes the trade of our customers at the point of risk at the technology and digital point, we always evaluate each risk factor at the ports, and as a team, we update ourselves with every operation we perform in order to minimize the risk factors to the maximum level for all the companies we serve.


As “VALS SURVEY EUROPE”, we will continue to work as a company that strives to be the pioneer of the moves that will bring our service to the place it deserves in the world, to lead change in every field touched by digital transformation, and to contribute to the future of the maritime industry with our technology-oriented investments. At this point, it is the duty of the Vals Family to be “exemplary” and “pioneering”. We will evaluate all kinds of opportunities in all projects we believe in with our teammates, whose experience we believe will contribute to the vision we have put forward, in the coming period.”


Lastly, I would like to mention the climate crisis, which I believe is very important. I cannot go without saying that all the issues mentioned in the summit held in memory of Hakkı Şen in the past days are of great importance to our country. We young entrepreneurs should continue to support and set an example to the foundation that wants to develop the marine culture in our country, to instill a love of the sea in young people and children, to make Turkish people love the seas, and to make this culture accepted by everyone through the Marine Culture Association established by our esteemed elders by putting our hands under the stone.