Shipment Services

Shipment services arrange the reports of companies trading by international supervision and audit organizations in their trades.

Firms that provide the necessary controls of import and export companies and issue reports due to these transactions present their analyses to international organizations. Following the information and research in these control processes, foreign trade is coordinated within the laboratory facilities. Organizations help trade and transport companies to work regularly to be included in this scope. In addition to preventing disputes, these organizations also undertake the supervision and audit of the shipments. Organizations in the studies also provide quantity, packaging, quality, labelling, loading, shipping, delivery time detection and unloading services.


Shipment Services Benefits

Within the scope of shipment services, supervision agencies offer the following services to companies that benefit from these services:

  • It is proved that the buyers’ requested goods, and for the sellers, the terms of the contract are complied with before and after the shipment. Organizations also help with contract terms that vary according to domestic and foreign standards.
  • It is ensured that disputes between the buyer and seller before or after the shipment are prevented. In the case of conflict prevention, damages are prevented.
  • Organizations also make price adjustments if requested. For this, reporting and document creation processes are established.

About Shipping Services

Shipment services are generally provided in two aspects. The first aspect of the job is pre-shipment audit and supervision. The other aspect is the audit and supervision after shipment.

Pre-shipment audit and supervision are related to the parts of the goods to be shipped, whether they meet the technical criteria, contract terms and quality standards. Regardless of which means of transport, the goods will be sent, and the goods must be loaded correctly and delivered to the buyer in the desired condition. Pre-shipment supervision studies generally determine the quality, packaging, quantity and loading status of the goods from the neutral organizations’ section.

The shipment works carried out through audit and supervision organizations provide an essential assurance, especially by exporting companies. Because it is proved that the goods are produced following the terms of the contract and delivered to the moving company to be shipped. It has been proven that the quantity, packaging and quality conditions of the goods are guaranteed. It is ensured that the shipment of the goods is carried out correctly and safely.

What are Shipping Services?

Shipping services ensure a quality job in the field of audit and supervision at the buyer and seller’s request. Firms provide shipping services shown as a reference for both parties in terms of quality and accuracy. In this context, it serves according to its experience, expertise and successful works in the past.

Within this scope, many services are provided to companies from which shipment service is requested. The services provided are as follows:

  • Lashing and safe transfer service.
  • Supervision to make sure everything is in order before shipment.
  • Supervision of sea cargo.
  • Supervision service before and after the lease.
  • Control of container quality.
  • Supervision of warehouses.
  • Calculation of stability.
  • Inspections for the sound arrival of tanks and liquid cargoes.
  • Draft survey barge measurements