Ship Survey Services

Ship survey service is a crucial issue for the maritime sector. Survey expression means to observe, look, check and watch. Individuals doing this job are called surveyors.

Persons performing Ship Survey services, namely ship surveys, are persons working for the port state to which the ship is connected or for the flag state. Their fundamental duties are to inspect that the ship they supervise complies with the legal regulations and relevant safety standards at sea during transportation. If there are issues that are found to be incomplete during these audits, they must express these in their reports. They request remedy of those.

The maritime safety issue of ships has become an extensive topic. It covers the period starting from the ship’s construction project until it reaches the scrapyard after reaching a certain age. In this process, safety standards must be at the highest levels. Therefore, ship survey services must be provided at regular intervals. As can be seen from these explanations, ship surveys have the status of an official inspector.

Ship Survey Service in Terms of Maritime

Ship survey service is the inspection work to check whether the ships are suitable for a sea voyage.

Ship survey service has exceptional importance in the maritime sector. Ship-owners who will buy the ship naturally want to know what they will buy, and P&I clubs and insurance companies want to know what they will insure. Before purchasing a boat, a ship survey should definitely be requested from survey and supervision organizations. Trained and supervised surveyors serve independently and impartially. Those who will buy ships will avoid many unforeseen expenses thanks to these reports. Also, many vital dangers that the ship may encounter during its course are recognized beforehand.

Issues related to the maritime security of ships are nowadays a vast topic. Therefore, some ship survey services should be known during the ship purchase.

The link between Ship Survey Services and Insurance Companies

Within the scope of ship survey services, insurance companies will have seen how much risk the ship they will insure has, thanks to the survey study to be showed. The ship condition is determined by the ship survey requested by the insurance companies. Thus, insurance risk also arises. Some insurance companies are trying to do this with their own checklists. However, ship survey is among the subjects that require expertise, and it would be more appropriate to receive this service properly by the supervision company.

What are Ship Survey Services?

Ship Survey services are a maritime detail unknown to many people. However, it is essential. Some ship survey services to be provided by our company are as follows:

  • Solid bulk cargo supervision
  • Bunker delivery and quantity supervision (ship fuel measurements)
  • Ship lease exit/entry status supervision (off-hire/on-hire condition survey)
  • Seal removal /sealing supervision
  • Sealing test of ship hatch covers (hose test management – ultrasonic or water test)
  • Container supervision (container cleaning, container status checks, unloading and loading)
  • Performing warehouse space and stacking capacity controls
  • Supervision of secondary, payroll and weighbridge
  • Supervision of ship’s hatch cleaning controls
  • Land, railway, sea transportation vehicles and transfer stations/stock field supervision on these vehicles
  • Crane performance surveys
  • Ship draft survey
  • Sealing checks of hatch covers
  • Warehouse capacity, space controls
  • Warehouse cleaning controls
  • Sealing surveys, hatch seal opening (unsealing, sealing)