Ship Repair, Maintenance, Repair and Spare Parts Services

Ship Repair

We serve our valued customers in 2 different shipyards in Iskenderun, Izmir, Samsun, Istanbul and Izmit regions, our repair workshop, and our technical teams dedicated to your ship.

In all the projects we do, we prioritise the services we offer to you with affordable prices, quality workmanship, job tracking, and timely delivery.

  • Docking of Ships SS, DD
  • Ship Topside, Hull and Bottom Cleaning and Painting
  • Shaft, Propeller, Rudder, Kort Nozzle Repair and Maintenance Works
  • All Machinery, Generator and Engine Room Maintenance and Repair Works
  • Machinery and Deck Pipe Works
  • Hatch Covers, Hatch Cover Wheels, Pistons and all other Cover Works
  • Tank Cleaning and Tank Operations
  • All Welding and Sheet Metal Works and all other shipyard operations

Ship Security and Fire Equipment

We serve our valued customers for annual maintenance, repairs, certification and supply of new equipment for life safety and fire equipment of all types of vessels. The services we provide are approved by many class organisations (ABS, GL, LR, and RINA).

  1. Fire Extinguishing Systems
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fixed CO2 Systems
    • Fixed Foam System
    • Fixed Dry Powder Systems
    • Breathing Sets
    • Emergency Escape Sets
    • Fire Detection System and other services


Main Engine and Generator Repair and Maintenance

We serve our valued customers in Iskenderun, Izmir (Aliga), Tuzla, Izmit region, and our experienced technical team.

  • Main Engine and Generator Full Maintenance
  • Cylinder Heads Treatments
  • Piston-Liner Maintenance, Repair
  • Pump Repair and Maintenance
  • Injector Testing and Maintenance
  • Fuel Pump Testing and Maintenance, Repair
  • Turbo Charger Maintenance, Repair and maintenance of all other machine equipment

Deck Maintenance, Repair

  • Hatch Cover Works, Hatch Cover Wheel Manufacturing
  • Hatch Cover Piston Repair and Manufacturing
  • Replacement of Hatch Cover Tires
  • Deck Welding and Sheet Metal Works
  • Windlass Repairs and Maintenance
  • Deck Piping Works and all other deck repair and maintenance work.

Hydraulic Works

  • Hydraulic Circuit, Hose Manufacturing and Installation
  • Hydraulic Pump Repair
  • Manufacturing and Repair of Hydraulic Piston, Crane and Ship Masts
  • Hatch Cover Hydraulic Engine Maintenance and Repair
  • Steering Systems Maintenance, Repair and Manufacturing and repair and maintenance of other hydraulic components.

Electric Electronic and Bridge Devices

We serve our distinguished customers with our experienced and qualified employees in electrical electronics and bridge devices in every region of Turkey and abroad with ship visits.

  • Maintenance, Repair, Installation and Supply of New All Bridge Equipment
  • GPS, Radar, AIS, Echo sounder, Auto Pilot, Gyro etc. Repair, Maintenance, Installation and Supply of new ones
  • Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of All Current Electronic Devices on Board
  • Maintenance, Repair and Testing of All Electrical Components on Board
  • Maintenance and Repair of Main Engine, Generator and All Other Alarm Systems
  • Preparation of Meger Test Report
  • Maintenance, Winding and Repair of all Electric Motors and repair and maintenance of all other electrical and electronic devices and supply of new ones

Underwater Services

In cooperation with the diving company we have contracted, we offer our valued customers all underwater services at every port in Turkey and abroad.

Karina Cleaning

  • Class Approved Report, Film, Photo Shooting (Live View Opportunity)
  • Underwater Survey Works (Ship Buying and Selling)
  • Underwater Welding and Doubling Plate Works
  • Shaft Propeller Operations
  • Shipwreck Removal and all other underwater services