P&I and H&M Survey Services

What are P&I and H&M survey services? Some responsibilities for shipowners are unlikely to be covered by regular shipping insurance. A mutual insurance system generally covers such liabilities.

Such groupings created by shipowners are generally called clubs. On the application, ship owners can become members of this club if a predetermined payment amount is made. In return for membership, when there are certain risks, compensation can be claimed through this club. For example, if the ship’s crew is damaged, killed or injured, or if the ship hits facilities such as a breakwater or harbour. Also, compensation can be requested to remove wreckage in ship accidents or in the possibility of various damages to load owners. Clubs make these necessary payments. For example, the insurance company pays a significant loss due to an accident or sinking with any other ship. This damage is approximately ¾.

P&I Clubs

What are the P&I clubs included in the P&I and H&M survey services? In general, insurance companies are a kind of commercial company. However, these clubs are created by shipowners. Therefore, if a shipowner wants to benefit from this club, he must be a group member.

The P&I clubs involved are commonly referred to as Ship-owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Clubs. The short names of the club known as the general short name known as P&I clubs in Turkey. Club insurance is required for all ships dealing with the maritime sector and sailing in foreign seas in our country. However, this insurance is not needed in our waters. The damage will be determined, especially in case of damage to other ships or ports in foreign seas. This damage is also detected in cases where it causes marine pollution. P&I provides the necessary guarantee in this regard, and the ship continues to sail.

P&I and H&M Survey Services: Protection, Compensation and Liability

The services of Indemnity and Protection clubs, which are accepted as P&I and H&M Survey, liability and indemnity insurance, have no limits. These clubs, which were given minimal guarantees in the early days, have expanded their areas of responsibility considerably today. Another insurance system similar to these clubs is machine and boat insurance. (H&M, Hull & Machinery Insurance). This insurance covers any damage that may happen to a ship.

In case of damage to the ship under various circumstances, H&M will pay 3/4 of the damage. Damage is explained in the following scopes: the collision of the ship, shipwreck, marine pollution… In addition to the payment of a part of the insurance damage, the remaining amount is covered by the P&I coverage. These situations may vary in case of conflict.

What are P&I and H&M Survey Services?

What are P&I and H&M survey services?

  • Within the scope of this service, accident surveys are conducted.
  • Marine pollution surveys are issued.
  • Conflicts and grounding surveys are carried out.
  • Shipyard repairs are monitored.
  • Determination of ship damage is carried out.
  • Damage management creation procedures are carried out.
  • The general conditions of the ships are determined in terms of financial institutions.
  • Insurance ship entry expertise is issued for boats and machinery.
  • P&I insurance ship entry expertise is issued.