On-Vehicle Lashing

On-vehicle lashing is the process of fixing the products to be transported on the vehicles and increasing transportation confidence, just like the ships.

In Turkey, the lashing service used in transportation operations on ships is also used in cars from time to time. This service, which is among the essential key points of the sector, also has commercial importance in vehicle lashing issues. As the name suggests, on-vehicle lashing is the process of securely fixing the products placed in trucks. Cargo companies generally buy on-vehicle lashing service. The lashing service, which is usually used in our country’s domestic sectors, is also used in our trade with the countries we are close to. Especially the products that will be sent to our neighbours such as Greece and Georgia is sent with the help of trucks because it is more costly to ship the products to be transported to these countries.

It is widely used in foreign trade in the on-vehicle lashing sector, especially in Russian connections. This lashing service needs attention, and it is as important as the ship lashing service.


On-Vehicle Lashing Services

The most crucial factor to be considered during the provision of on-vehicle lashing services is to know under which conditions the vehicle will be transported to which region. Especially in the winter months, products transported to the Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions are subject to postponement due to harsh weather conditions. However, in all of those regions, the winter months are generally always rough. Since there is no such thing as delaying the shipment of goods all winter, you should deal with the company that offers an excellent lashing service. Thus, the products will be fixed in the best way and sent to the desired areas. This is just an example. When travelling abroad, vehicles can often come head-to-head with strong winds and heavy rains. The weather conditions should be well known, and people should do their job correctly without leaving it to chance.

Canvasing is required again for summer travels because the Eastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia regions are very hot. Hot weather also affects the structure of the products. Especially products made using fabric may change colour due to the sun.

Teamwork in On Vehicle Lashing Service

Good teamwork is required during the on-vehicle lashing service. It is necessary to consider and calculate the tonnage value that the vehicle can carry and the roads allow.

Carrying less product than necessary causes more trips for companies. This means extra expense for the company. Carrying more products than necessary can also create problems that may endanger human health in case of a road problem. Trucks may tip over, especially when climbing uphill. In addition to the loss of life, this causes damage to the products. It is vital to choose the right company to prevent such problems from occurring in trade. When we want to select the right company, we should consider that the company’s team is successful and the technology used is sufficient.

Good equipment is needed for an on-vehicle lashing service. As well as a successful team, the materials must be of high quality. Because having a problem during transportation will negatively affect the trade. Therefore, the fixing ropes and rubbers should not break and come off.