Mine and Mineral Supervisions

What is Mine and Mineral Supervisions?

Mine and mineral supervision is called the supervision of stones and minerals formed by natural conditions in the earth’s crust’s inner and outer parts.

Chemical substances that form the earth’s crust other than living things are called minerals. In other words, chemical compounds in solid and crystalline form in the earth’s crust are called minerals. Minerals are compounds that contain the same elements in the same amount. Most of the minerals are found in the mixture that is in a molten state on the magma. The types of rocks formed due to the cooling and solidification of this mixture are called magmatic rocks. Molten magma forms mineral crystals during cooling. For example, minerals such as quartz and mica were formed in granite rocks by magma cooling. Some minerals, on the contrary, are formed as a result of changes in rocks under the effect of heat and pressure.

As a result, these compounds that occur in nature and cannot be obtained artificially are essential for humanity. Some companies do the audit and supervision of companies that earn this for humanity. Within the scope of mine and mineral supervision services, it provides the best quality and healthiest way to achieve this for society.


Mine and Mineral Supervision Details

Mine and mineral supervision organizations; acts in line with the standards before, during and after loading mines and minerals.

Quality and quantity controls are carried out at this stage, paying attention to customers’ demands and standards. Also, necessary measurements are made with the samples taken. After the measurements, the mine and the mineral tests are done and analyzed. With all these studies, a report is prepared and presented to the customer at the end. These studies are mainly done for these mines and minerals:

  • Scrap iron
  • Pig irons
  • Ferro Manganese
  • Ferro Silica
  • Ferro Silico Manganese
  • Ferro Molybdenum
  • Ferro Chrome
  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Feldspar
  • Coal
  • Anthracite Coal
  • Root Coal

All details regarding the product’s quality are determined as a result of the audit and supervisions carried out from the mine deposits to the preparation of the product. Necessary tests are analyzed for these details, and the standards in previous sources are followed.

What are Mine and Mineral Supervision Services?

Mine and mineral supervision services are among the services that must include technological infrastructure. Without a robust technical infrastructure, it is not possible to determine the quality of the product. Besides, the staff must be fully aware of the services and supervision rules.

Services provided in mine and mineral supervision services are listed below:

  • Coal sampling procedures are applied. Afterwards, analyses are made, and test results are reported.
  • Sieve tests are done.
  • Physical and chemical samples are prepared. Later, the samples are analyzed.
  • Quantification is made with the draft survey.
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled. Analysis of this is included in the report.
  • It is controlled that the warehouse and stock areas are clean.
  • Quantity controls are made during loading and unloading.
  • Taking samples following the standards in stocks.
  • Sampling and sample preparation processes.
  • Sealing and unsealing operations.
  • Draft survey.
  • Damage supervision service.
  • Weighbridge supervision.
  • Supervision of quantity and quality.
  • Metallurgical product supervision.