Marine Survey Services

Marine survey services are provided by international survey and supervision organizations. Marine survey services provided by our company are as follows:

  • From draft survey studies to volume calculations in loads
  • From survey studies before loading to ultrasonic sealing tests of hatch covers on ships
  • From the determination of fuel and condition of ships at the lease entry and exit to seals removal and sealing controls of warehouses.
  • From ship pre-sales appraisal and expertise studies to compliance checks of ships and containers for load construction

As mentioned above, our company has a wide range of ship survey services. The primary purpose of these services is to ensure the safety of insurance companies and transport companies, in general, everyone in foreign trade transactions.

About Marine Survey Services

Marine Survey services are generally provided to keep everyone safe. The Technical Regulation of Ships issued by the Ministry of Communications in 2009 includes regulations such as the loading limit certificate and the ships’ seaworthiness certificate. Apart from these, it also contains rules in port exit documents. According to this regulation, ships are subject to some official inspections according to their purpose of use, type and voyage area. These official inspections are as follows:

  • Boat
  • Machine
  • Fire protection navigational gear
  • General equipment
  • Load-carrying capacities
  • Communication system
  • Marine pollution prevention equipment
  • Cruise safety

There is a need for marine survey services offered by supervision agencies to ensure that cargo ships are ready before official inspections. Institutions authorized according to the regulation carry out annual and initial survey studies in line with their own rules.

According to the regulations in question, marine survey services include the following inspections and controls to be carried out at sea:

  • Main engines and their helpers
  • Equipment such as windows, doors, portholes on the ship
  • Fixed fire extinguishing system

Importance of Marine Survey Studies

Marine survey studies are not only carried out for the safety of the ship and navigation of the ship. Simultaneously, the security of the cargo carried on the ship is also considered within this scope. Therefore, the hatches and hatch covers must be clean, their capacities and ability to take loads are appropriate.

Marine survey studies determine damages on ships in case of collision and crash of ships. Subsequent studies, namely, the condition of being repaired and the deduction of damage repair costs are also considered within this scope. Examples of essential services of marine survey studies are as follows:

  • Investigation of contamination claims within liquid cargoes.
  • Compliance and cleanliness checks of shore and ship tanks.
  • Conducting conformity checks of cargo lines and cargo pumps.
  • Sampling from liquid cargoes.
  • Analysis of samples taken from liquid cargoes in the laboratory. The samples taken in the analysis results are compared with the standards.
  • Marine survey studies carry out detection studies in case of manipulation management.

What are Marine Survey Services?

Marine survey studies are not only carried out for the safety of the ship and navigation of the ship. Simultaneously, the security of the cargo carried on the ship is also considered within this scope. What are marine survey services?

  • Volume calculations are made.
  • Load safety control is done. (Lashing service.)
  • The cleanliness of the holds and tanks is checked.
  • The ship and container loading suitability are checked.
  • Control is made about the container CSC / SOC and general condition.
  • Before the sale of the ship, expertise is made, and the appraisal is calculated.
  • The amount is determined during refuelling.
  • Supervision surveys in loading and unloading
  • Pre-loading surveys
  • Sealing and unsealing operations are carried out.
  • Lease entries and exits are made.
  • Procedures to determine the condition and fuel of the ship are carried out.
  • Subjecting ship hatch covers to ultrasonic tightness test.
  • Draft survey