Iron and Steel Products Supervisions

The steel and iron industry has great importance in the development of our country’s economy. Developments in this sector are directly related to the development process in our country. Besides, it has an essential and significant share in developing the sub-sectors of the economy in iron and steel. Because the steel and iron sector provides input for many industrial sectors. It contributes to the production of many vehicles such as aircraft, ships, automotive and railway, especially in construction materials. It also contributes to the production of all kinds of electronic and electrical devices, goods and machinery.

The average iron and steel production per capita in developed countries is around 500 kg. This figure is approximately 350 kg in our country. However, on the one hand, an increase per capita is expected with the restructuring efforts in this sector and industrial production increases. On the other hand, with the increase in product variety, an increase in per capita crude steel consumption is expected in the coming years. Today, approximately 30 thousand companies operate in the steel and iron goods sector in our country.


Supervision Details of Iron and Steel Products

Casting products have the most significant part in the steel and iron goods sector. The casting industry in our country has a large area both in the world and in Europe. The number of casting workshops operating in this area is over 1200. The vast majority of these are medium-sized and small businesses. The number of large-scale enterprises is around 50. These enterprises produce parts for white goods, the automotive industry and machinery companies in our country. Also, foreigners are selling directly.

In the steel and iron industry, our country and other foreign countries sometimes experience significant problems. These difficulties are common in many countries. For example, excessive capacity, insufficient external and internal demand and technological modernity requirements in enterprises are common problems.

Iron and Steel Industry Requirements

There are other requirements within the iron and steel industry. These are supervision services such as quality-quantity supervision, raw material quality determination, product production control, weighbridge supervision and steel scrap quality determination. International audit and supervision organizations provide supervision and control services on behalf of enterprises operating in the steel and iron industry. In this way, in case of a dispute between the parties, the auditors’ audit and inspection reports are definite proof. This situation is accepted all over the world.

What are the Supervision Services of Iron and Steel Products?

Iron and steel products are produced flawlessly using a strong expert staff and technological infrastructure. In this context, the main supervision services of iron and steel products are as follows:

  • Quantity and quality monitoring
  • Pre-loading supervision
  • Draft survey
  • Seal / unseal
  • Supervision of analysis
  • Raw Material Quality Determination
  • Damage monitoring
  • Loading/unloading supervision
  • Finished product production control
  • Sampling
  • Tally/weighbridge supervision
  • Steel scrap quality determination
  • Radioactivity measurement