Industrial Supervisions

What are Industrial Supervisions?

Industrial supervisions are among the areas of audit and supervision that arise with the development of the industrial sector.

Businesses in the industrial sector are ultimately intended to earn money, as in most jobs. They can exist in the market thanks to the value additions of the goods and services produced. In this way, a competitive environment is created, and businesses that can survive, continue in it. Enterprises in the industry are qualified as successful according to the success rate of their business processes, designs and services in the products they produce. Companies that provide services independently and impartially prove the accuracy of all these matters. This can be evident to customers, thanks to our impartial and independent supervision and auditing services.

Industrial audit and supervision organizations work with experienced auditors who are trained in this field. These companies, which constantly follow the legal regulations in force, work to make the right decision. The supervision and audits conducted based on the standards of domestic and foreign organizations are reported.


What Do Industrial Supervisions consist of?

Industrial supervisions generally supervise and audit the production that takes place in industrial companies.

They measure the production, services, products, machines and equipment of the industry’s companies following the standards. Compliance with the items in the standards is tested, and the results of the findings are reported. These elements included ensuring quality must comply with both the legal regulations and the customers’ contract obligations. Therefore, industrial supervision services are the processes of determining whether the products comply with the given requirements. After the detection processes, the customer follows the verification and certification processes. Thanks to these auditing and supervisions, the enterprises reach the required quality in the products and comply with the processes. They sort of secure the products. Also, the procedures included check whether the products are safe during transportation.

As a result, it is ensured that the factors that determine the enterprises’ products and their working quality in this process are applied to the company. If companies want to prove themselves worldwide, they should get such a service from supervision and audit organizations.

What are Industrial Supervision Services?

There is a service ranging from agricultural machinery to many medical products when it comes to industrial supervision services. Also, it covers an area extending from the automotive industry to the aviation industry, in which almost all sectors are included.

It has been accepted that manufacturing is a difficult task for all sectors. However, after complying with legal regulations and standards, your company’s prestige will increase this much. Your company needs to give confidence in terms of criteria such as quality, health and safety.

So what does industrial supervision services cover?

  • Compliance checks on L / C bases performed on behalf of leasing institutions.
  • Pre-loading supervisions
  • Commodity acceptance transactions received on an L / C basis.
  • Supervision and approval processes for project productions.
  • Process control procedures for the project. (Expediting)