General Supervisions

On behalf of many businesses, timely delivery of goods and accurate weighing is the most critical issues. These factors are significant for the customers with whom companies have done business to meet their contractual obligations. General supervisions and organizations that provide supervision services work according to sample weighing and buying internationally accepted processes. Besides, they have to work by international standards.

Compliance with ISO standards is the basic principle in all general supervisions, supervision activities and sample purchasing processes. Also, loads must comply with customer standards, specifications, directives or relevant codes.

In general supervision services, the buyer and seller company’s most desired situation does not experience any unjust treatment. For this reason, when the seller firm has a general supervision service, buyers tend to get closer to the trade.


About General Supervision

A general supervision is an operation that organizations attach great importance to. It is necessary to ensure that the goods are protected in the best way possible at the ports where they are loaded and unloaded. Therefore, risk management services are also provided to customers who request an supervision.

The provided risk management services assist in shipment processes’ safety from the beginning to the loading and unloading processes. After evaluating the findings obtained as a result of the observation, research and examination reports are prepared within this scope. Supervision of the necessary infrastructure, weighing, and sampling processes are included in this scope. Supervisors in organizations try to observe every problem from the beginning to the end of the shipment process. As a result, the issues are included in the generated report. Every step is carefully monitored to ensure the same quality of the products to be shipped.

The primary purpose of general supervision services is to do all the seller-buyer company can to not be a victim. Organizations also create supervision and supervision documents about it. It is prepared for transfer in the best way.

General Supervision Services

General supervision services generally provide the following services:

  • P&I fitness survey
  • Vehicle (land) controls supervision
  • Engine and boat damage survey
  • Quantity Supervision
  • Maritime Investigation
  • Binding Control
  • Pre-Installation Check
  • Draft Survey Supervision
  • Unloading and loading supervision
  • Production Supervision
  • Quality supervision and sampling
  • Quantity Supervision (counting / weighing / draft survey)
  • Detection of tightness of ship hatch covers
  • Ship warehouse cleaning control
  • Pre-loading supervision
  • Container condition and unloading & loading survey
  • Unloading and loading supervisions
  • Determination of quantity and weight
  • Sampling Service
  • Warehouse Supervisions
  • Quality Control
  • Container Supervisions
  • Manhole Supervisions
  • Tank Supervisions
  • Reporting
  • Seal Detection Supervisions
  • LNG, LPG coastal tank and ship detection
  • Sampling services with international standards
  • Sampling
  • ROB and OBQ controls
  • Returns expertise
  • Charter entry and exit of ships, fuel and all other controls
  • Insurance expertise and damage due diligence
  • Ship lost investigation and terminal controls
  • Quality and quantity controls of all raw or processed mineral and vegetable oils and additives