General Cargo Supervision

General cargo supervision services are provided for palletized or packaged cargo loads to be loaded or unloaded into cargo ships. The critical issue here is to ensure that the unloading and loading operations of general cargo loads are carried out safely, quickly, with high performance, with high quality and without any damage.

Cargo loads include a wide range of products, from toys to foodstuffs, from textiles to plastic products, from chemicals to accessories, from machinery to aircraft parts. Even if it is to be sent using different transport methods, cargo loads must be delivered to the cargo recipient safely and quickly without deterioration.

Although cargoes are large in quantity and diverse, their transportation and handling operations require less documentation than other cargo loads. It also consists of a much lesser process. The quantity and quality conditions are also of great importance in the transportation of this type of cargo.

Cargo transportation is one of the basic services of businesses that provide logistics services. Cargo transportation is a type of transportation service. When the word cargo is mentioned, it is understood any load to be transported.


Logistics Companies and General Cargo Supervision

Cargo transportation in the international context means the transportation of any amount of cargo, regardless of its size, content and weight. However, not all loads in our country, but packages and cargoes below a specified weight limit are cargo. In other words, the term cargo transportation in our country is accepted as package distribution in an international context in terms of its content and mode of activity.

According to Road Transport Law, cargo means an item transported from one place to another within a certain period. This transport is defined as only one piece of cargo that does not exceed 100 kilos and is protected in the container or package.

Cargo transportation includes the transportation of both individual and commercial cargoes. Supervision services of general cargoes provided by audit and supervision agencies are mainly for corporate cargoes and commercial cargoes. The sellers and buyers, and insurance companies must also do the cargo transportation work carefully, quickly, with high quality and in a reliable manner. The fact that the transported cargo has been damaged in any case is among the situations that the parties will not accept.

What are General Cargo Supervision Services?

General cargo supervision services are produced flawlessly using a strong expert staff and technological infrastructure. In this context, the main inspection services of general cargo products are as follows:

  • Tally/weighbridge supervision
  • Pre-loading inspections
  • Draft survey
  • Quantity and quality supervision
  • Damage supervision
  • Seal / unseal
  • Controlling the container for suitability for ship loading.
  • Loading/unloading supervision
  • Sampling
  • Analysis supervision
  • Lashing control

For these reasons, besides the quality and quantity characteristics of cargo loads, they are also supervised for unloading and loading safety operations. Besides, supervising lashing (cargo fixing operations), taking samples from the cargo when necessary and supervising the analysis to be made also ensure the cargo security.