Fumigation Services

Fumigation services are chemical wars against the damages of insects and microorganisms that are harmful to agricultural products.

This method, which is very needed and demanded today, has been applied for a long time. The most effective ways have begun to be used in fumigation services, where many developments have been experienced since the implementation. Fumigation services are implemented during the breeding periods of all kinds of pests. Also, Fumigation services prevent fungi, nematodes and bacteria from damaging agricultural products. It is ensured that all these disease-causing elements are destroyed during their application. It is applied as a result of fumigant application in certain temperatures and humidity conditions in closed environments. Fumigants consist of poisonous substances in solid, liquid and gas forms that destroy harmful insects and bacteria.


About Fumigation Services

Fumigation application is defined as smoking or gassing in public. This method is applied to purify the environments from harmful microorganisms and insects, especially with plant or animal products.

The following factors have a significant influence on the importance of fumigation services:

  • It is a method that can be applied directly to products with harmful bacteria.
  • Its self-spreading ability is relatively high when used. It can be spread to the very ends of the products. This spreading can be distributed homogeneously.
  • The amount of odour and residue left in the products remains within the accepted limits.
  • It requires less cost and effort to apply compared to other pest control techniques.
  • It is an effective method over all biological stages of pests.

Fumigation services are mainly provided in the following areas:

  • Full or empty warehouses
  • Ships
  • Factories
  • Containers
  • Products bagged under a tent or kept in pallet condition.

There are international standards set for fumigation practice. It is a process that is sought to be applied on many products, especially at customs.

Fumigation Service Standards

Fumigation services are an ecological and economic fight against harmful creatures due to their implementation by the standards. In a sense, this can be called a chemical war against pests.

The word Fumus means gas and smoke in Latin. The word fumigatus, which is derived from this root, is used as fumigation in our language. However, the first application of fumigation applications was used to beautify palaces and houses’ scent in the first period of its application. It was used to burn together with plant roots and herbal mixtures and spread a good smell in palaces and houses. As a result of various herbs, the bad odours in the environment are eliminated, and the living environment gets a pleasant smell.

However, in today’s use, it is used for agricultural activities to be healthier. The first examples of combating harmful creatures of farm activities were encountered in the early 1900s. Carbon sulfur was used in fumigation applications for health purposes in agricultural activities in the early 1900s. Today, much more effective chemical materials are used.

At that time, carbon-sulfur was used for this purpose. Later, fumigants such as chloropicrin, ethylene oxide and methyl bromide were used. Today, much more effective chemical substances are used.

What are Fumigation Services?

In terms of fumigation services, the following services are provided:

  • Ship and warehouse fumigation after loading
  • Post-loading container fumigation
  • Full / Empty entrepot fumigation
  • Post-loading wagon fumigation
  • Full / Empty silo fumigation
  • Factory fumigation
  • Under tent fumigation