Food Products Supervisions

Food product supervision is a vital service for the health and safety of consumers. Also, it is essential to prevent the trade of counterfeit and illegal food products.

The food product supervision service, which includes the transportation and loading of food products on transportation vehicles, and transportation operations, is of great importance in health. Foodstuffs in solid and liquid form are included in the scope of food products. Besides, packaged foods and ready-to-eat food products that are ready for consumption are also in this scope.

Food products become transportable due to the loading and unloading processes that must comply with domestic and foreign standards. It ensures that food products with supervision work to be carried out comply with the contract terms. In addition to the contract conditions, it is necessary to ensure food products’ control in terms of technical specifications and quality standards.


Food Products Supervision Details

Food product supervisions make sure that food products are transferred as expected, regardless of transport vehicles. Supervision firms are responsible for transporting food products, ensuring they arrive on site, and meeting the requirements.

It is necessary to measure the quality and quantity of the food materials to be sent and the supervisions to be made before the shipment. Also, checking the packaging of the materials and loading them is under the supervision of food products. Thanks to the supervision of loading and unloading processes, food products are transferred more safely and accurately. The importance of service is also the assurance of safe and accurate delivery. Food product supervision services are provided by international audit and supervision organizations. The reports issued by the organizations are definite proofs for both parties. All kinds of controls, tests, measurements and analyses performed within food supervision activities are carried out with legal regulations. The Food Hygiene Regulation rules are deemed valid in the regulations made while taking into account both domestic and foreign standards.

They are essential services in terms of health and safety in transactions based on TS 13027 standards.

What are Food Products Supervision Services?

Food products are produced flawlessly with a strong expert staff and technological infrastructure. In this context, the main supervision services of food products are as follows:

  • Weighbridge supervision
  • Quantity and quality monitoring
  • Loading/unloading supervision
  • Stock tracking supervision
  • Sampling
  • Draft/ullage survey
  • Damage supervision
  • Supervision of analysis
  • Seal / unseal

There are food product supervision services to not encounter any health problems from the production of food products to their packaging. It is recommended that the institutions take these services to provide the best standards in terms of health during the transfer and unloading. The products to be sent as prestige in foreign trade must be of the best quality. In this context, supervision of food products is required for both domestic and international transfers.