Container Lashing

Containers are box-shaped products that allow goods to be transported within the scope of transportation.

Since the goods mustn’t be damaged while being loaded into the containers, we encounter the fixing process called “lashing”. Many questions may be asked, such, as are the goods not safe in the containers? The answer to this question varies according to the type of goods. Because even if the goods are placed in the container, they can be damaged in the handling process, including moving and shaking situations. The container lashing process is done to prevent this from happening. They eliminate the danger for the loads to move in their places during possible vibrations while carrying them into the transport vehicle, which they are loaded. This process is carried out using slings, nets, iron, ropes, and planks. In this way, the property remains safe.

Container Lashing is very important for the safety and stability of the goods in the vehicle. The fact that it has been popular recently is proof of this.


Container Lashing Services

Container lashing is among the most critical services that ensure that the materials produced are shipped with the lowest costs. With the position of Turkey and sea transportation being economical, it is used extensively.

The shipment process starts when the products to be shipped in sea transportation are loaded in containers or directly loaded into the ship’s warehouses. Lashing service is applied to secure the loaded products inside the ship and not be damaged even if they are transported for long periods. These methods, which prevent damage to the products, are under the responsibility of the buyer company. Therefore, the company you work with in lashing service has great importance in terms of commercial prestige.

There are standard containers, a flat track container, and open top container fixing options in the container lashing service. Completing these operations with professional teamwork and the necessary technology allows the company to carry out the trade smoothly. Working with companies whose principle is “to prevent problems” will reduce the risk of encountering these problems.

Who Can Perform Container Lashing Service?

Container lashing transaction must be made through the seller, namely the sender, following Incoterms 2010 and the Turkish Commercial Code rules. This process takes place during the packaging of the product after it is ready. The sender is obliged to pack the goods in a way that protects them from loss and damage. Also, the sender must mark the goods to prevent damage that may occur during the unloading. This marking is also made during the loading of the goods.

Container lashing service has recently been in demand for keeping items fixed and intact in the vehicle. Therefore, many people are researching this subject. As such, manufacturer companies are in tight competition with each other. So, it is imperative to get a correct and reliable container lashing service.