Compliance Checks

One of the services provided by international audit and supervision organizations in maritime transport is compliance checks. Any of the transported loads should not be damaged by the remnants of the transported load before it. Suppose this issue is not considered, especially during the cargoes’ transportation that will be affected by this situation. In that case, it is not possible for the load to not be damaged. For this reason, the cleaning of ship warehouses, ports and ship storages, containers, ship tanks and trucks used in transportation by road is critical.


Maritime Transport Compliance Checks

Maritime transport is the most widely used form of transport in the international transport sector. Today, 90 per cent (almost all) of the trade in the world is carried out by the sea. In this case, it is effective that loads of large quantities and volumes can be transported to very distant places simultaneously. It is also an essential detail that the transportation cost is low.

Compliance checks in maritime transport are provided by supervision and audits.

Due to the high mass carrying capacity in maritime transport, the transport unit’s cost is considerably reduced. Apart from this, many other factors make sea transportation so preferred. In terms of energy consumption, it is more economical than other vehicles and has a high-security opportunity. Perhaps the delivery time of the loads may be longer compared to other means of transport. However, due to the reasons listed, transportation activities are very economical and always seen as advantageous.

About Compliance Checks

Seas surround our country on three sides due to its geographical location. Therefore, it creates much potential in terms of transfer loads and seaway connected to transit. For this reason, the maritime sector contributes to the opening of our country’s economy to foreign places and its integration with the economy in the world. This situation is very important for the development of foreign trade in our country. For this reason, the maritime sector is developing very rapidly in our country.

Dry cargo transportation generally has a more significant share among liquid cargoes or dry cargoes transported by sea. These cargoes include container transportation, general cargo and bulk dry cargo. Among these, the bulk dry cargo ships have the largest share. Despite the advantages we have mentioned above, maritime transport has some weaknesses.

Investments over infrastructure are a significant factor in the success of maritime transport. However, these investments are too costly. Besides, the services provided in ports must be reliable, sufficient and of high quality.

Compliance Checks Services

In this section, some of the international audit and supervision organizations’ services are needed to eliminate some deficiencies. One of the services provided in this direction is compliance checks. The supervision agency does the safety of seller and buyer companies in foreign trade. Also, these depend on the reports issued regarding the control studies.

The following compliance services are provided within the scope of compliance checks:

  • Compliance checks with warehouse cleaning
  • Compliance checks with truck cleaning
  • Compliance checks with tank cleaning
  • Compliance checks with container cleaning