Chemical Analysis Measurement Tests

Chemical analysis measurement tests are among the most significant factors in measuring the values ​​of chemical substances encountered in many places in human life.

Chemicals occur in many places in our lives. Sometimes, they are substances that make our lives easier, and sometimes we must avoid them because of their harmful effects. Chemical substances in many forms such as acids, monomers, alkalis and so on are encountered in most industries. Chemicals used in many sectors such as cleaning, pharmacy, textile, construction and mining are referred to in three different types. These chemicals are detergents, dyes and medicines. Chemicals in detergents can cause severe damage to human health due to their compounds. This is why it is recommended to keep detergents used in cleaning works away from children. Besides, detergents, which cause some reactions resulting from mixing with wastewater, are harmful to our health and nature.

The places where detergent wastes are discharged should also be checked so that surface waters, groundwater and seas are not contaminated.

Chemicals and Health

The drugs used in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases are synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural preparations. However, many of them contain chemical substances. Some of these damage other organs. On the other hand, some serve to treat human health. They can cause both physical effects and psychological problems.

Paints, on the other hand, are used frequently in almost all items in daily life. Some paints protect the goods, while some paints give the furniture an aesthetic appearance. It adds shine, durability and dullness to the surfaces it is used on. Depending on the purpose and area of ​​use, there are auto paints, wood paints, synthetic paints and plastic paints. Again, the primary raw material of dyes is chemical substances. It is also known that dyes cause some damage to the respiratory tract. Considering all these negative aspects, it is essential to undergo some tests, analyses, and chemical substances used in production.

Chemical substances are produced in the laboratory environment, in a natural state and used during some processes in various sectors or as wastes.

Chemical Analysis Measurement, Test and Analysis Services

Chemical substances can be in liquid, gas and solid states. These are critical in terms of how they enter the human body and their damage to the body. Its effects also vary according to these situations.

Its experienced and professional staff and technological infrastructure provide services within the scope of testing, analysis, and measurement services of chemical substances.

Chemical substances and dyes appear in many places in human life. The benefits and harms of these products in terms of human health are known. Although the paints offer a nice appearance, they are harmful due to the chemicals in them. The dyes mustn’t be purchased or used before their properties are known.

Services Related to Chemical Substance

The services provided by companies with solid and technological infrastructure in this regard are highly appreciated. It is imperative to have trained and experienced staff to reach full results in chemical substance measurement tests. Afterwards, testing and analyzing these measurements are included in the chemical substance measurement services. Chemical analysis measurement tests include the following services:

  • Health, safety and environmental benefits.
  • Chemical quality management services.
  • Chemical technical support services.
  • Laboratory design service.
  • Laboratory commissioning and operating services.
  • Technical personnel services.
  • Project life cycle services.
  • Services about asset integrity management.
  • Finished product services.
  • Chemical raw material services