Bunker Survey Services

Bunker survey services are among ship suppliers that respond to ships of different characteristics and sizes at different times.

Ship suppliers have an essential function today, serving on all ports. The ship supplier sector has developed depending on the maritime issue. But its importance has made itself felt more in recent years. This sector meets all material needs of ships, from fuel supply to machine parts, from repair and maintenance to food.

The issue of bunker survey services provided by ship suppliers is an important detail. Therefore, it should be known in detail. It cooperates between ship suppliers, ship-owners, port authorities, governmental organizations and shipping companies. Also, it provides supply services to ships within a limited period.

The definition of a bunker is an expression that originates from the times when ships were operating using coal. However, it is still used frequently today. At that time, the warehouses where the coals used in ships were stored were called bunkers. Today, ship fuels are considered as bunkers.

About Bunker Survey Services

Bunker survey services is a term that dates back to the time when ships were operated using coal.

Today, when it is called bunker supply, it is understood that the fuel supply to the ships. Bunker survey services are one of the most critical activities of ship supplier. Ship refuelling or bunker delivery is known as bunker refuelling in the maritime sector. As it is known, sailing ships used wind power in the 18th century. With the advent of steamships in the 19th century, coal was used. At the beginning of the 20th century, diesel oil and fuel oil, in other words, liquid fossil fuels, were used as the main bunker products. Today, methanol, natural gas (LNG) and many other alternative fuels are being talked about. According to today’s figures, it is known that approximately 350 million ship fuel is consumed annually in the world.

International maritime trade routes are taken as a basis for bunker supply. However, narrow straits also play an active role in this issue. There are eight narrow straits on various sea routes. Two of these are Çanakkale and the Bosphorus.

Bunker Survey Services & Importance of Refuelling

Bunker survey services are currently described as ship fuels services. If a ship went down to low fuel levels, it is unlikely that the ship will continue on its way by its own means. In other words, the need for fuel is the most critical supply item. Here, the most crucial issue is that to ensure fast, reliable and accurate fuel delivery. Otherwise, both bunker supply companies and ships suffer from this. The case that ship operators are sure of the bunker survey services to be taken depends on the bunker survey studies’ results.

Survey and supervision organizations provide bunker survey services for different ship survey studies. The general purpose of bunker survey services is to supervise the ships’ fast, timely and reliable refuelling. In return for the service to be provided by expert and experienced surveys, the ship can sail safely. Ship operators will be assured that there will be no fuel problems. Bunker surveys can also be requested to analyze the fuels taken during the ships’ lease exit and entry processes.

What are Bunker Survey Services?

Bunker Survey Services take into account the reliable, fast and timely refuelling of the ships. The bunker survey services to be provided by our company are as follows:

  • Delivery bunker surveys, a loading according to ISO / TR 13739
  • Lease entry and exit bunker surveys (redelivery – delivery bunker survey)
  • Analysis and supervision of analyses according to ISO 8217, Bunker sampling