Automotive Supervisions Import Quantities

What are Automotive Supervisions Import Quantities?

Compared to the previous year’s figures, exports in the automotive sector increased by 23% in the first month of 2017 compared to the last year’s six months. On the other hand, it is seen that the import rate decreased by 6 per cent. A total of 14.4 billion dollars worth of export has been made from the first month of 2017. In the first six months of the previous year, an import of 11.3 billion dollars was made. In other words, the foreign trade balance of the automotive sector in the January and June period of 2017 also yielded a surplus of 3.1 billion dollars. Apart from this, the foreign period volume within the automotive industry has also increased by 8.7 per cent as of the same period. Thus, its price has become 25.7 billion dollars.

The export structure in the automotive sector within the total exports is approximately 18.6 per cent. Among all imports, the share of imports of the automotive industry was 10.4 per cent.


What are Automotive Supervisions?

The automotive primary industry’s product groups are buses, minibuses, tractors, passenger cars, vans, and trucks. The main groups in the automotive supplier industry are as follows:

  • Rubber inner and outer tires,
  • Brake pads that both contain and not contain asbestos,
  • Rearview mirrors,
  • Safety glasses,
  • Semi diesel and diesel engines,
  • Internal-combustion engines,
  • Filters,
  • Ball bearings,
  • Air conditioners,
  • Cranks and transmission shafts
  • Batteries, seals, signs and lighting devices
  • Ignition systems, bumpers, bodyworkers, chassis
  • Bodywork, seat belts, servo-brakes and brakes
  • Axles, gearboxes, suspension systems, wheels,
  • Exhaust mufflers, radiators, exhaust pipes
  • Steering gears, with inflated airbags,
  • Residential furniture.

What are the Automotive Sector Supervisions consist of?

Our country is among the major countries in global automotive sector exports. Its actual share in 2016 is 1.4 per cent. Turkey is the country showing the most significant increase in this issue. Our country ranks 19th in the automotive sector ranking, with exports worth $ 23.9 billion on the scale.

Italy, France and Germany are among the countries with the highest automotive exports in our country. England, Spain and Germany are among the countries with the highest number of imports. These figures reveal the great importance of our country’s foreign trade on the automotive sector. In this respect, automotive sector supervision, which is developed by audit and supervision organizations, is critical. There are many foreign and domestic legal and standard regulations for the products to be of excellent quality in the automotive sector. However, although there are many shortcomings in ensuring high quality, the supervision studies to be carried out in every production are very important. Any point that is overlooked during production can pose a significant risk to human health and driving safety.

What are Automotive Supervision Services?

Services in the form of inspection, analysis, measurement and tests carried out by audit and supervision organizations are very important.

Automotive supervision services can be provided ideally with a strong staff and a technological infrastructure. In this context, the leading auto supervision services offered include the following:

  • Damage surveys
  • All automotive cargo supervisions
  • Surveys of compliance with loading lists
  • Surveys of compliance with technical norms of vehicles
  • Lashing services during the installation process
  • General condition surveys during the unloading and loading process and on stockpiles