Agricultural Products, Fertilizer and Solid Chemical Supervisions

Global procurement in the agricultural sector was among the most critical issues in today’s age. Farmers, producers and agricultural producers are trying to reach markets in every corner of the world.

Transport companies bring unique solutions to these organizations’ different needs and people operating in the agricultural sector. Also, efforts are made to provide economic and efficient transportation services. In agricultural products, it is crucial to extend the shelf life and increase the product quality. Transport service organizations have assumed responsibility for this issue. It is vital to ensure fast transportation on all commercial routes and establish strong connections with customs and port points. At the same time, it is necessary to provide a good, fast and reliable service, regardless of time and place, according to the customers’ needs. All these issues are essential points for transportation companies to provide quality service.

However, not everything in the agricultural sector is about the quality and order of transport activities. Mainly, products, solid chemicals and fertilizers to be sent abroad should be carefully supervised.


About Agricultural Products, Fertilizer and Solid Chemical Supervisions

Warehouse cleaning controls are among the services provided through audit and supervision organizations. In these cases, there are services to take samples according to the standards and have samples analyzed and tested when necessary. All these services provided help sellers and buyers to strengthen their commercial relations and trust each other in foreign trade transactions.

The agriculture sector is among the industries that are subject to the most restrictions on world trade. On the other hand, our country exported food and agricultural products, which was 2.6 billion dollars in 2002. Also, it is known that this number increased to 16 Billion dollars in 2015. On a global basis, countries’ dependence on each other through agriculture and food products increases day by day. This connection will continue to grow in the future. The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. However, the amount of land cultivated is decreasing due to rapid urbanization and climate changes.

These adverse developments critically affect agriculture and food products in the world.

Agricultural Products, Fertilizer and Solid Chemical Supervision Services

Services in the form of inspection, analysis, measurement and tests carried out by audit and supervision organizations are very important.

With a strong staff and technological infrastructure, agricultural products, fertilizer and solid chemical supervision services can be provided ideally. In this context, agricultural products, solid chemicals and fertilizer supervision services include the following:

  • Draft survey
  • Stock checks before loading
  • Warehouse cleaning controls
  • Sampling and preparation (according to Gafta, Fosfa, TSE standards)
  • Unloading, loading and quantity controls

In the future, with the rapid increase of the world population, the needs will increase in direct proportion. However, food and agricultural products decrease due to the problems in the style of rapid urbanization and climate changes.

These adverse developments make the need for agriculture and food products a very critical factor in the world. As such, there will be some controversy about obtaining too much product over a small area. This will negatively affect the quality of food products.