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Baturalp Alkan VALS Survey

Baturalp Alkan


He has been interested in the maritime industry since his youth and aimed to be a shipman. In line with this goal, he started his education life in Beykoz Aquaculture and Marine High School. Later, he continued his higher education at Bülent Ecevit University, graduating from Piri Reis University Department of Marine Engineering in 2011; he was awarded a diploma valid in all European countries and received the engineer title.

Aiming to improve himself during his career, he worked as an officer in established institutions such as İstanbul Şehir Hatları, Empire Bulker and Beşiktaş Grup. In 2016, he started to work in the field of Maritime Supervision and Audit. During this period, he carried out numerous ship operations representing buyers, sellers and traders in many European countries. In Turkey's shipyards, in cooperation with the Treasury Ministry's transportation experts, on behalf of insurance companies, he carried out the audits of condition - appraisals, shipyards, ports, and boat construction risk analysis.

Alkan has established Vals Survey Uluslararası Gözetim Ticaret Limited Şirketi in March 2021 to improve his experience in the sector. Its basic principles in this establishment are rationality and equality. In his career, he aims to be united in the company he established, with the teaching that every person has different skills and is equal to each other.

Chamber of Shipping (DTM), T.M.M.O.B is a member of GEMIMO.

Okan Kaya VALS Survey

Okan Kaya

Marketing Director

Kaya graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Sociology in 2015. After working in the Marketing and Brand Development departments of companies such as Efor İletişim, Zorlu Holding and Şişecam Düzcam; he started to work in our team as Marketing Director.

Nil Gizem Meral VALS Survey

Nil Gizem Meral

Operation Manager

Meral, graduated as Marine Transportation Engineer at Dokuz Eylül University in 2017, worked in Besiktaş Denizcilik, Ulusoy Sealines Management S.A, Şimşekler General Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair, Centre Testing International PINBIA (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.; now works as Senior Surveyor in our team.

Alican Kartin VALS Survey

Alican Kartin

Domestic Ship Supply Operation Supervisor

After graduating from Istanbul Technical University in 2016 and then Piri Reis University Marine Machinery Management Engineering in 2018, Kartin worked as an officer at Yasa Tanker, Empire Bulker respectively and now started to work in our team as Ship Procurement Manager.

Su Ece VALS Survey

Su Ece

Asistant Manager

Su Ece, 2020 yılında Maltepe Üniversitesi İşletme bölümünden mezun olmuştur. Daha önce Doğuş Grubu'nda çalışan Su şu an ekibimizde yönetici asistanı olarak görev almaktadır.

Yunus Emre Özben VALS Survey

Yunus Emre Özben

Senior Surveyor

Having graduated from Piri Reis University Department of Marine Engineering in 2018, Özben worked as an officer at Yasa Tanker, İnce Shipping, Karadeniz Holding Power Plant, respectively, and then in our team as a Senior Surveyor.

Samet Emre Demir VALS Survey

Samet Emre Demir


Demir, graduated from Piri Reis University Marine Engineering Department in 2018, after working as an officer at Yasa Tanker, Mastership, V Ships respectively, and now started to work in our team as Surveyor.

Miray Ece Alkan VALS Survey

Miray Ece Alkan

Reporting Specialist

Alkan, who graduated from Doğuş University Insurance Department in 2020, worked as file manager at Allianz, AK Sigorta, Grup Ekspertiz respectively, , and now started to work in our team as Operations Supervisor.

Samet Yüksel VALS Survey

Samet Yüksel


Having graduated from Istanbul University in 2017, Yüksel is now working as a surveyor of port operations in our company after 3 years of experience in the surveillance industry.

Hazal Karamahmutoğlu VALS Survey

Hazal Karamahmutoğlu

Reporting Specialist

Karamahmutoğlu has graduated 18 Mart Çanakkale University at 2019. Now she works with us as a reporting specialist.

Furkan Özen VALS Survey

Furkan Özen


Özen, who graduated from Sakarya University in 2020, worked in Al-tel Telekomünikasyon and Haköz Mühendislik, respectively, and after 3 years of experience in the surveillance sector, he now works as a surveyor of port operations in our company.