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Vals Marine Survey Founder and Marine Mechanical Engineer Baturalp Alkan published an article on crucifix accidents after 1st Officer Selçuk Elibol lost his life by falling from a cross in China.

The following statements took place in the statement;

“We have to do our best to keep the safety of life at the maximum level in the safety equipment on every ship or in the survey operations given to the ship from outside.

We are especially grieved by the recent loss of our dear captain friends and the loss of our pilot captains in transit. There is a possibility that these tragic events may happen to us one day tomorrow, as well as to everyone else working in this sector.

The safety of life of the ship captain or ship surveyors who perform all kinds of measurement operations on the ship is more valuable than the commodity on the ship.

As seafarers, we are instrumental in the realization of 80% of the trade sector.

In the transit services provided to ships in the Istanbul and Dardanelles straits, I think that every detail in the safety of the pilot, agency personnel and ship surveyors’ landing-exit to the ship should be checked in detail by the coastal safety directorate. To give an example from what I have experienced and seen during my survey services in the strait, I would like to announce to the authorities here that the possibility of accidents during the landing-exit to the ship is much higher, especially in winter months. The wobbling of the boat in high waves puts the people disembarking from the cross at great risk. Here, the risk of loss of life and injury becomes very simple in the transfer of people in these equipment made of iron sheet

While using the cross, sailors can use the life belts, which are mandatory on ships in accordance with IMO rules and are connected to the ship with a rope at one end, but due to the environment we are in at that moment, maybe we say “I can get off and on in two minutes”, maybe because we are too lazy to finish our work as soon as possible, maybe because we are too lazy to wear the belt or because of the desire of the boat personnel to leave as soon as possible, but we forget that all accidents happen in a moment of absent-mindedness and salutes and as a result, unfortunately, we put our precious lives at serious risks.
In the pandemic, the necessary authorities should do their part in order to create a safer environment for these warrior people who work without stepping on the ground on the ship for months without even getting off the ship for 1 day, resting, traveling in ports that work non-stop.
“I hope that these tragic accidents will be the last, I wish God’s mercy to both of our brothers, my condolences to their families and the maritime community, and we must all work together to ensure that these tragic events are never repeated again.”