About Us - VALS Survey


To achieve excellence in the audit of the sea, air and land cargo. To provide our work with audits at the highest technical and efficiency standards. To continue our business activities without any harm to people and the environment, without any accidents. To achieve customer satisfaction; providing timely, reliable, safe and continuous quality services; to be a leader in the survey and supervision industry.


Self-Duty of VALS SÖRVEY GÖZETİM VE DANIŞMANLIK LTD ŞTİ and its Senior Management is to ensure that the organisations related to Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment are at the highest level and permanent for the company management and employees. The prevention of accidental risks and losses due to process faults is accepted as a part of our culture with continuous improvement. The purpose of the company's efforts for the establishment of a long-term ZERO-TOLERANCE culture is:

  • Zero accident
  • Zero sea and atmospheric pollution
  • Zero process loss
  • Zero loads and fuel leakage
  • Zero incident regarding health, our company adopts the following principles regarding the Quality Management System as a policy.
  • Comply with national legislation
  • Keeping the ships we inspected in top condition by fulfilling international rules' requirements and exceeding customer expectations.
  • To comply with national and international rules and conditions regarding our services
  • To ensure the continuity of services with environmental and social responsibility awareness
  • To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to increase its effectiveness continuously
  • To support performance-enhancing activities in our areas of duty without compromising our safety and quality under any circumstances.
  • To protect the values and corporate culture we created and to ensure the continuity of these values.

Our Values

  • Within the framework of impartiality, independence and confidentiality;
  • Customer happiness,
  • Employee and Occupational Health Safety,
  • Employee Training,
  • Employee Satisfaction,
  • Transfer of personal development to the sector and the company,
  • Continuous and high-quality service understanding,
  • Research and Development,
  • Making a difference.
Our company, VALS SÖRVEY ULUSLARARASI GÖZETİM DANIŞMANLIK HİZMETLERİ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ, our priority is; To provide quality service to our customers by producing faultless and quality products according to the wishes of our customers, within the framework of legal conditions and adhering to the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System standards that we maintain, and by ensuring that these products are stored and shipped. In this process, sensitive to the environment and natural structure; We aim to grow within the framework of continuous development and providing the necessary trainings by taking into consideration the issues such as occupational safety and employee health. We are committed to the fact that all our works will be carried out in this direction, we accept this as our mission and vision and accept it as our policy to constantly improve ourselves.